Why More Las Vegas Visitors Do Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you are vacationing in Las Vegas and looking for something different to do while you are there, then here’s a tip for you: Take your family or group on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. Choose from a wide selection of flights and then prepare yourself for the world’s most awesome aerial adventure.

Many companies offer these tours from Las Vegas, Nevada. My recommendation is that you go with a reputable company operates its own fleet of sightseeing helicopters. Steer clear of kiosks on the Vegas Strip that advertise air tours. These are brokers and they are either selling last-minute cancellations or seats on choppers owned by fledgling companies.

Helicopter tour prices are all over the map. This is due to the type of trip and aircraft. Aerial tours will be cheaper while landing ones will be more expensive. Personally, I recommend you take a landing tour as they will expose you to more aspects of the National Park. The most popular landing trips include one that goes 3,500 to the bottom and another that gives you unrestricted access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Las Vegas helicopter rides only fly to Grand Canyon West, which is 120 miles away. Grand Canyon South is 270-plus miles from Vegas and is beyond the range of helicopters. If you are set on going to the South Rim, do yourself a favor and take the package that includes the 45-minute airplane flight. The other option is a tour bus that takes 5.5-hours to reach the rim.

West Rim or South Rim? Depends on few things like how much time you have and you budget. Another important is the location itself. The West Rim is famous for adventure and thrills (this is the only place in the National Park where you can land at the base), while the South Rim is famous for natural beauty.

The amount of time you spend in the air varies from company to company. Some of them offer extended tours which will give you more to look at for a longer time. Some also offer professional commentary provided by naturalists and those who are experts in what the Grand Canyon has to offer.

Depending on the company, you may be able to hook into a special deal where you can get a lot of personal attention for a small amount of money. The Internet is a good place to find these deals and book them before you arrive so that you can take advantage of the savings and the extras. You can also find some obscure trips that are not always advertised at the kiosks when you look online.

Las Vegas visitors are discovering that Grand Canyon helicopter tours make a great day trip. The quickest tour is about 3.5 hours and is ideal for travelers who can’t afford to spend an entire day at the National Park. Trips are all-inclusive, too, and come with free shuttle service to all hotels on the Vegas Strip, lunch professional pilot-guide. Don’t pay full price. There are plenty of great deals on the Internet – just make sure you book online in order to qualify for that web special.

Experience Another Exciting Side of Nevada Through Available Laughlin Bus Tours

Anyone who’s been to Nevada can testify that Laughlin bus tours can be a heck of an adventure for tourists in the Silver State. Dubbed as the newest ‘boomtown,’ Laughlin boasts of glittering new hotels and casinos nestled on the bank of the mighty Colorado River.

Bus tours to Laughlin aren’t all that expensive either. As a matter of fact, there are several tour agencies that offer a day tour package to this town for as low as $5 per person if reservations are made online. For this amount, tourists will already get ample time to enjoy Laughlin, and get other perks as well. This can include complimentary hotel accommodations to hotel pick-up and drop-off, air-conditioned luxury motor coaches, guided narrated tour with panoramic windows and a free buffet lunch.

Tourists will also have ample time to enjoy all that there is to see at Laughlin. Apart from the hotels and casinos, people can also stroll along the Colorado River where all casinos are within walking distance. For those who are not fans of the bright lights, Laughlin tours can travel through the town of Searchlight, where gold was discovered back in the 1800s, or they can pass by the spectacular, rugged desert wilderness, where tourists can get fantastic photo opportunities.

Before booking any Laughlin bus tours, tourists must make sure to choose a tour agency that has extensive experience in the touring and travel industry. Not only that, they must also make sure that the agency has knowledgeable tour guides in order to make the trip much more memorable.

With over 20 years of experience in the touring and travel industry, Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours is the best tour agency to guide tourists in the booming town of Laughlin. Its Laughlin bus tours [http://www.lasvegasgrandcanyontour.com/bus/free-laughlin-tour.htm] are affordable; especially when reservations are made online. Apart from bus tours, this tour agency also offers boat, horseback, airplane and even helicopter tours [http://www.lasvegasgrandcanyontour.com/] for tourists to experience. Tours are not only limited to Laughlin, but extend to other places within the Las Vegas area, as well as to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon. Visit LasVegasGrandCanyonTour.com or contact 1-866-218-3427 for more information.

Las Vegas Sightseeing – Grand Canyon Tour

Every year, millions of people of all ages visit Las Vegas. Some go for the casinos, some for the outstanding name acts and entertainment, some for the feel of the place, the lights, the slot machines, and the razzmataz. Many go to Vegas for all of those reasons and then some. During the winter months, it’s a great opportunity to escape the cold, wet eastern and Midwest weather, while in the summer it offers a dry climate. Any time of year, there’s much to see and do, plenty of Las Vegas sightseeing in store. Amongst the greatest attractions for visitors to Las Vegas is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the magnificent Grand Canyon Tour.

No matter how they try, photographers and cinematographers have not been able to capture the vastness, richness and beauty of the Grand Canyon on film. It’s one of those things in life, which truly must be seen, with one’s own eyes, felt and known firsthand. The sense of awe as the earth falls away, down into the canyon… well, words and pictures will always be insufficient; the majesty of this place is nearly incomparable. The shapes, colors, sounds, scents, and textures…God has performed some of his finest handiwork on this landscape.

Las Vegas is a great vacation bargain, owing to that patrons of the casinos supplement costs which would otherwise be assumed by the traveler. There’s plenty to see and do within the city itself, including at least one championship golf course right there on the strip. Some of the attractions are free, or available at little cost. Others, such as the 18 holes, can set you back $200-$300 for half a day. In comparison, the day-long tours to the incomparable Grand Canyon are less than half the price of that golf session, which makes them a great bargain to complement your Las Vegas vacation.

Tours of the Grand Canyon depart from Las Vegas at 7:30 am. The West Rim tour returns by about 5:30 p.m., while the South Rim tour comes back at 8:30 p.m. A pleasant day’s journey, these affordable tours provide a must-see once in a lifetime experience. Both of these tours stop at the massive Hoover Dam and both include a pleasant restaurant lunch. Gray Line, the bus company that hosts these tours, also offers up tours specifically focusing on Hoover Dam. One of those tours even includes a paddlewheel boat cruise, giving you a chance to actually get on the water and see the dam up close from that perspective!

Driving can be tedious and wears one out. In contrast, a bus tour will be far more comfortable, allowing one to see the countryside along the way, share in pleasant conversations amongst one’s friends and fellow passengers, even nap if one prefers. Both the destination stops and the return to Las Vegas are sure to be more pleasant from the coach seats, while a professional driver bears the fatigue of piloting down the road. Booking the tour online can save you money, or you can wait until you arrive and book it from the hotel. Either way, it’s certain to be a memorable and worthwhile experience, a welcome addition to your Las Vegas vacation.

Touring Napa Valley Through Silverado Trail is a Picturesque Drive

Napa Valley take you on an enchanting route to one of the paradises on earth. It is located to the north of San Francisco. It is the second largest sight seeing location in California. It is known as one of the leading wine producing regions of the world. These tours arrange a sumptuous feast of historic sites & popular locales viz- museums, wildlife sanctuaries, art galleries & natural wonders. Hot air balloon flights offer a way of reaching Napa valley. By visiting the wine country, the visitors can enjoy the cool pleasure of Napa Valley wine train, Sharps Teen Museum, Skyline Wilderness Park, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, Yount Blockhouse, Petrified Forest, Geyser Mountains & much more. In addition to these, Napa valley tours provide opportunities for wine tasting, hiking, bicycling, art tours, culinary classes, golf outings & more.

Napa Valley offers exhaustive information on Napa Valley, Wine Tours, Wineries & more. It is affiliated to Reno Nevada. Before embarking a wine tasting tour, you should have some reading on the subject. From lots of travel magazines, you can know about various wine tour destinations in California. Wine regions, accommodations, requirements & fees, etc. Napa Valley & Sonoma County are the most popular wine producing regions.

You must have a designated driver & also a seasoned guide with a limousine. Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties & wedding ceremonies – all these days special for fun & merriment can be celebrated. Most importantly, the tours can be customized to meet the schedules. Discounts & concessions are part of a package. California wine provides to-the-point information on California wine, wine tours, wine country, wine gift baskets & more. California wine is affiliated to California Wine Clubs.

California wineries offer a picturesque & romantic scenery with it’s grape orchards & fruit arbors. The exciting wine caves of this region present a cool respite in hot summer.

The visitors are transported to the Napa Valley through a 30 mile valley with its endpoint Calistoga. For people interested in win making as a profession & past time, these tours provide a chance with local cooking classes & wine-related seminars. Tourists can get their holiday thrill from special bicycle rides, hot air balloon & jolly river rafting.

Wine country tours provide ample chances to learn about the trade & also abundant measure of various brands to transport you to the horizons of the other world – a truly relaxing & admittedly interesting sojourn.

Grand Canyon Float Tours Are Terrific Springtime Trips!

Guess what? Spring is almost here! Now is when travelers should start thinking about locking down their spring 2013 tours to the Grand Canyon. Savvy travelers often include single-day Grand Canyon rafting tours. These are relaxing, smooth-water (not whitewater) float trips, and people of all ages can participate.

Starting Points

Grand Canyon rafting trips start from two places – the South Rim in Arizona, and Las Vegas, in Nevada. Trips originating at the South Rim stay in that area, while Vegas tours are a great way to explore the nearby West Rim. As of today, there isn’t any way to get directly from one rim to the other so you’ll probably choose the rim you’re closest to.

So far, South Rim rafting tours are shaping up to be some of the most popular spring 2013 tours around. You can book a basic package or upgrade to a more deluxe Grand Canyon rafting adventure. The basic version starts with a bus trip to Page, Arizona. After driving through the tunnel at the base of Glen Canyon Dam, you’ll meet your professional guide and board your pontoon boat.

On the deluxe version of this tour, participants fly to Page, Arizona instead of riding in a bus. After the plane lands, you’ll hop aboard a Jeep for a 4×4 tour that takes you to the famous slot canyons of Antelope Canyon. Afterward you’ll go to Glen Canyon Dam, where the rafting portion of the tour starts.

Horseshoe Bend

You’ll be on the water for 15 miles, quietly gliding by Horseshoe Bend and other remarkable sights. This part of the canyon is one of the most untouched by man, and it’s a terrific experience. After lunch on a private beach, you’ll end up at Lee’s Ferry. This historic place once was the only site where people could cross the Colorado River for hundreds of miles in either direction.

For those of you starting out from Las Vegas, the West Rim float tour is actually part of a tour package that also includes a chopper landing on the canyon floor. The West Rim is the only place in the canyon where ‘copters are allowed to land on the bottom, so this portion of the tour is a unique experience.

The rafting segment of the tour begins at the base of mighty Hoover Dam. Not many people can claim they’ve seen the dam from 700 feet below, but I’m glad I’m one of them!

Black Canyon

You’ll pass through beautiful Black Canyon during the 11-mile float trip down the Colorado. If you look up at the cliffs towering above, you might glimpse some big horn sheep. They’re majestic, and it’s great to see them in the wild. Your time on the river ends at Willow Beach, where you can take a refreshing dip (bring some swimming clothes!). From there, you’ll hop on a motor coach for the drive back to Sin City.

These tours are all-inclusive, meaning the price includes lunch, an expert tour guide’s services, hotel pickup and drop-off at Vegas Strip hotels, and all applicable Park fees. They’re extremely popular and supply is limited because they only run from March through November. That’s why it’s important to book early, especially for spring 2013 tours. You’ll need to book at least a week ahead of the date you want. To be even more certain you’ll get the tour you want, buy your tickets as soon as you decide to take one of these wonderful adventures.

Buy online, because that’s where you’ll find the best deals. Don’t bother with travel sites like Orbitz, Expedia or Viator. As long as you complete your purchase online, you’ll get the lowest price canyon float tours by buying directly on the tour company’s own website. Some major discounts are there for the picking if you follow this strategy!

Grand Canyon Rafting – Time to Try a 1-Day Float Tour

Are you headed to the Grand Canyon and need some ideas for fun activities? A 1-day rafting tour would be the ideal family experience. A float tour is a very interesting way to view the amazing rock formations and wildlife in the National Park.

These tours depart from Vegas in Nevada and from Arizona near the South Rim. These tours take off early in the morning, and they are available every day of the week. Just be aware the river tours end for the season in November, so you want to make your plans as soon as possible.

The Vegas Tours

When you take a floating tour out of Las Vegas, you’ll need to combine it with a helicopter ride to the floor of the canyon so you can get to the departure point on the river.

As a matter of fact, the West Rim is the only part of the Grand Canyon where choppers are permitted to land on the canyon floor. The helicopter descent is an added bonus that makes your float trip even more memorable.

The rafts take off from the base of the Hoover Dam. That makes for a perfect photo op. The dam is massive as it rises 726 feet over you, it is a sight your kids are sure to remember.

Your raft floats eleven miles down the river, taking you through the beautiful Black Canyon and peaceful Willow Beach. You’ll be given time to swim and play in the calm waters at the beach.

South Rim Float Tours

Some say the South Rim is even more beautiful than the West Rim. South Rim tours take off from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport and then go to Glen Canyon Dam where you set off on your 15 mile river adventure.

You can choose from a couple of different tours here. The basic tour includes a bus ride from the airport to the Dam. If you opt for the deluxe tour instead, you’ll fly to the Dam instead of going by bus, and you’ll be treated to a 4×4 tour of Antelope Canyon too.

The deluxe tour is very popular, and it provides a lot of value. You will get a fantastic aerial view of the National Park on your way to Glen Canyon Dam. Plus, flying to the dam reduces your travel time by an hour and a half.

Smooth-Water Rafting

These raft trips stay on calm waters, so you don’t have to worry about rapids or dangerous currents. That makes these trips ideal for families with kids. Kids as young as four years old are allowed on the tours. Even older folks will enjoy these tours, so bring along grandma and grandpa.

Another good thing about these tours is they are all-inclusive. So there is no extra cost for lunch, gear, taxes, or park fees. It is very convenient to take an all-inclusive tour, and it helps you stay on budget too. These tours have wide appeal since they are suitable for most all ages, and they are very popular.

These tours fill up pretty fast, so you want to book your tour in advance to make sure you get the seats you need. Booking at least one week ahead is a good idea. However, if you can book your seats even earlier than that, try to do so and you’ll have the best selection of tours to choose from.

If you book your tour early and have to change your plans, it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you can give the tour company 48 hours notice of your cancellation, you should be give a full refund on your tour. Bad weather is not a problem either, because you’ll be give a full refund if your trip is canceled by the tour company for weather reasons.

To Conclude

A Canyon float tour is the ideal way to spend the day on a family outing. They are fantastic fun, and you definitely get your money’s worth. These tours are perfect when you need a group activity for your family or friends traveling together. These tours are very popular so they often sell out, don’t forget to book yours in advance. Buy your tour online for the sake of convenience and the best price, that way you won’t be disappointed by a sold-out tour when you get to the canyon.

Snow Boarding In Sierra Nevada Spain

Recently a group of friends booked ourselves on a bargain long weekend away in Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain. There were 8 of us going and we flew from London Stansted directly to Granada for less than one hundred pounds. We were going for the boarding and were not too interested in living it up in a posh hotel, but instead just required a place to lay our heads at night. We choose a hostel after reading very positive review online and confirmed that we would all have a private bathroom. When we arrived at the Hostel Suecia first impressions were simple but lovely. The rooms were a little on the small side, but very clean. The hostel itself was situated just off the main strip, perfect location.

Day 1: Feet finding day. We headed straight for a local Tapas bar to discuss our snow boarding plans for the weekend. Most of us had been snow boarding for years, the two people that were beginners we got them immediately booked into snow/ski school for the next three days. I willingly made myself group manager as I had been there before and having a good knowledge of the local area it made sense. I thought great this is going to be wicked. Lots of snow, lots of sun, not to mention the coolest boarders in town! We made plans for where we would ride for the week over a few glass of glue vines of course (lovely hot red wine drinks that sort you out good ‘n’ proper). Jump on boards and head off for a gentle burn around slopes.

Day 2: We were all improving fast and having an awesome time. ‘This sure beats working’ I thought. That evening was great, good fresh Spanish food, lots of hot chocolates with Contrieu (it taste just like a Terrys Chocolate Orange and is to die for) and compared to a normal night out with friends an early night as we were shattered from boarding all day.

Day 3: The best start to the day so far. Eight inches of snow overnight, clear blue skies and yet more lovely sun. Our destination the board park we can hardly contain ourselves with excitement. So to the top of the mountain we go. I, as Group Manager, suggest we ride through the park first, see what they have got to offer and, gain an idea of what we are all capable of. We take a few rails and kickers and get some ‘decent air’. Back to the top and we are really improving on our styles’n’tecnics. Boy did we get some air that day.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Granada City for the day on route to the airport. First stop Alhambra Palace, directly from the Alhambra Palace we take a sightseeing bus tour, followed by a bite to eat at yet another fabulous Tapas Bar, then back to the airport, and home for midnight. I would highly recommend the Sierra Nevada Resort and it was certainly a weekend to remember forever.

My Favorite 5-Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Provider

When you’re ready to book your helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you’ll find there are several tour operators to choose from. However, you can make your choice easy if you want to pick a fantastic tour, just choose a flight on a Maverick helicopter. They offer some of the best tours around.

Maverick choppers that fly over the South Rim depart from Tusayan in Arizona. The helicopters that tour the West Rim of the canyon depart from Las Vegas in Nevada. Vegas helicopters do not fly all the way to the South Rim. You can still tour the South Rim if you start from Vegas because Maverick offers a package that includes a plane flight from Vegas to Tusayan. You can get to the South Rim in about 50 minutes if you fly there from Vegas on a plane. The only other way to get from Vegas to Tusayan is by ground, and that is a 5 1/2 hour bus ride each way! You’ll save a lot of time by booking one of Maverick’s airplane combo tour packages.

Tours From Las Vegas

The helicopters used for West Rim tours depart from a couple of locations in Vegas. The Maverick tour helicopters lift off from the Henderson Executive Airport or from a helipad on the Vegas Strip, which is very convenient. The airport in Henderson is farther away, but you can still get there in about 15 minutes, so it is a quick ride. In any case, it is much better than flying out of the Boulder City Municipal Airport, which is where a lot of tour companies operate from. The shuttle ride from Vegas to Bolder City takes about 40 minutes.

Maverick is also the tour operator with the most EcoStar 130 choppers. These helicopters are designed for the purpose of sightseeing, so they offer the ultimate experience for your tour. The huge wraparound window offers amazing views and the cabin offers plenty of comfy legroom. The best part is the seats are arranged in stadium style, so no one has a bad seat with a poor view.

The helicopter tours that depart out of Vegas come in two types, the landing tours and the air-only tours. The good thing about booking a tour with Maverick, is all the fun activities they pack in their tours. Some of the fun options they offer include an air tour of the Valley of Fire, a flyover of the Vegas Strip, and a picnic on the floor of the canyon (when you go to the West Rim, your chopper can descend into the canyon and land on the bottom, but this is not permitted at the South Rim).

Touring The South Rim

Maverick tours of the South Rim give you 30 or 50 minutes of air time depending on the tour you choose. While the short tour is fantastic, the longer one is even better. You’ll get to cover a lot more ground when you book the longer tour and that means you’ll see a lot more beautiful sights.

All expenses are included in the price of your Maverick tour including lunch if you take a landing tour, shuttle service to and from the airfield, a tour guide, and park fees and taxes. You don’t have to be concerned about forgetting something important because Maverick thinks of everything for you and includes it in your tour.

You might have to pay more for a Maverick tour, but you’ll be glad you did. It is well worth the money you’ll spend to have a quality experience you’ll never forget. Be sure to book your tour right on the company’s website, so you get the lowest price. The Internet rate you get when you book online is usually a lot cheaper than the retail price you pay elsewhere.

Grand Canyon Air Tours Are Perfect for the Valentine’s Weekend Holiday

Are you trying to plan a Valentine’s Day getaway that is exciting and romantic? Then consider an air tour of the Grand Canyon, because it would be the ideal blend of beauty, awe, and romance.

It’s easy to book one of these air tours because they depart from Las Vegas, Nevada as well as an airport near the South Rim in Arizona.

You can choose to tour by airplane or helicopter, but the best Grand Canyon flights are usually the ones by helicopter because you have better views. The airplane tours are good too, and whether you choose a plane or chopper tour, you will see some truly amazing scenery.

Tours That Depart From Vegas

The Vegas helicopter tours depart from Boulder City or the Vegas Strip. These Grand Canyon flights can even land at the canyon, you get to choose between an air-only or landing tour, with the landing tour being the most exciting.

There is even a landing tour that comes with a romantic Champagne picnic. It’s a great tour idea for Valentine’s Day, and you can even conclude with a relaxing boat ride along the smooth waters of the Colorado River.

You also get to choose between a standard or deluxe tour, with the deluxe tour offering nice perks such as departing conveniently from the Strip in Vegas. The deluxe tour is ideal if you’ll be staying in a Vegas hotel because it also comes with free transportation by limousine. Another perk of the deluxe tours is getting to see Vegas from the air as your chopper returns from the canyon.

Since these deluxe tours use the Eurocopter EC130 choppers, your ride will be more pleasant too. These helicopters offer fantastic views from their oversized windows, plus the ride is comfortable thanks to the luxury seating and enhanced aerodynamics.

Tours Departing From Arizona

The tours that depart from the South Rim in Arizona come in two varieties, a half hour tour and one that gives you fifty minutes of air time. While both tours are fantastic, the longer tour is better because you get to see so much more. The longer tour is so comprehensive, you get to see about 80 percent of the National Park by the time you’re through.

One thing to remember about South Rim tours is that they do not land at the canyon, they are air-only, so if you want to take a landing tour, plan on departing from Vegas instead.

Touring By Airplane

If you want to take an airplane tour, you can depart from Vegas or the South Rim. The airplane tours that depart from Vegas have landing options, and one fun thing you can try is walking out on the glass Skywalk that lets you peer down to the canyon floor below you. This tour is a great way for romantic adventure seekers to enjoy a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

The Vegas South Rim airplane tours are a lot of fun too because you can book a package that includes a half hour helicopter tour of the rim along with a 2-hour tour of the park by bus.

Las Vegas Nevada Tours Offer Wide Variety of Options

Those unfamiliar with Las Vegas may be surprised at the outstanding tours available that go to places besides the world famous casinos, motels and shopping malls. One of the most popular tours is to the huge Hoover Dam that is on the Arizona and Nevada border, just thirty five miles from Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark and one of the great engineering accomplishments of the twentieth century. At the time of it’s completion in 1936 it was the worlds largest electric power plant and also the largest concrete structure. It’s still an awe inspiring structure some over seventy years later.

Tours to Hoover Dam are available by bus, helicopter, plane or automobile. Coupons can be purchased ahead of time if you look online for tour companies that go to this landmark.

Another tour destination related directly to the Hoover Dam is the Lake Mead tours. Lake Mead is the huge lake that was created when the dam was finished. It is largest reservoir in the United States with a capacity of almost thirty million acre feet of water. Although it right next to and is created by the Hoover Dam, the tours of these two destinations are completely different. At Lake Mead you can have recreational tour packages that include cruises, dinner, swimming, water skiing and fishing. Of course, it’s possible to tour both the dam and the lake and there are tours that offer both experiences. It’s advisable to get discount coupons of these tours beforehand to get the best prices.

Another Las Vegas Nevada tour that is not as well known but is growing in popularity quickly is the Red Rock tours which go to the nearby Red Rock Canyon. These tours can be done by either horseback, all terrain vehicles or bicycle. These tours can be some of the funnest and least expensive deals in Vegas and may include dinner or lunch. The scenery in the Red Rock Canyons is spectacular also. Again, it’s advised to look around before your vacation to get the best deals and to better plan your vacation.